Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I told you I'd be updating sporadically, didn't I?

Found some random notes from about ten months ago, and figured I'd share them. Bon appetit!

If salvation is other people, then other people come into your life who can save you.

Let them.

Do not eschew comfort and security for fear that they will end. All will one day end. Enjoy, instead, the moments of peace and joy that you have, for they will sustain you through the coming storm. A good life is not one that is lived free from strife and pain, but one that is lived to the fullest in moments of happiness and pleasure. The key to finding these moments is love - caring for others creates joy, for all who are a part of the encounter. So embrace those people who make you happy, for you do not know what trials tomorrow may bring. Cherish those moments of true bliss, wherever you can find them - but do not cling to them too tightly. For life is, fundamentally, finite. Do not live in fear or denial of this fact, but accept it; and in doing so, you will be free to love more fully. When you no longer fear pain or discomfort, it has less power over you. Make room for the saviors in your life, and go out and save those whose savior you are.

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  1. Sigh....I am really trying to remember and believe this, Rachel....not always easy.